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The genesis of FRAUD came from many late night conversations between my Dad and I. I wound up back home after college and would come upstairs after long hours of editing my short film, “When Bad Meets Evil,” to see my Dad still awake. These late night conversations lead to a million ideas and FRAUD being one of them. It was August 30th, 2015 when FRAUD was born.

I was blown away by the severity of these crimes, the reality of these issues, and the way criminals were taking advantage of the major holes in our system. Countless cases involving everyday people becoming victims long before they know they’re in danger, million dollar heists happening in the blink of an eye, and criminals who are long gone before the FBI knows what hit them. And the cases just keep getting worse and worse.

With my experience in television, true crime, and TV development, I set out to make the series I want to see on TV and in classrooms. I guarded and protected this idea for a year and a half to prove this isn’t just a side-project, this is a national concern. We are more vulnerable than we think and criminals are farther ahead of us than we know. With your help, we can bring this underworld to judgement by showing how criminals have evolved and how close to us they actually are.

Every $1 you donate helps me with:

  • Pre-Production: Research, Writing Scripts, Casting, Location Scouting, Assembling Crew, and Obtaining Case Files.
  • Production: Equipment Rental, Transportation, Filming, and Location Fees.
  • Post-Production: News Footage Licensing Fees, Editing, Color Correction, Music, Sound Design, Marketing, and Promotion.

Your support truly makes a difference in helping me make this a reality.

Thank You!

FRAUD is currently being pitched by Alex Brady to networks and streaming platforms for development.

WAMBAM STUDIOS and ALEX BRADY present FRAUD, a true crime docu-series exposing criminals who have taken advantage of the system and how everyday people are paying the price for it. It’s time to wake up and realize criminals are 15 steps ahead and the pain they can cause isn’t just physical anymore. Watch the trailer now.