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True crime shows are in demand more than ever thanks to hit docu-series’ like “Making A Murderer,” “The Jinx,” and “Captive,” but not one network or streaming platform seems willing to jump ahead of the pack.

Unsophisticated crimes and similar stories are over-saturating the marketplace. The true crime genre is scraping by with more mundane material, all of which become too formulaic and predicable to meet the demand.

Even though audiences are asking for more, they’re not asking for more of that.

Alex Brady introduces FRAUD, a current, riveting, and original docu-series showcasing crimes which have amounted to millions of unsuspecting victims and trillions of dollars in damage. It’s the breath of fresh air the true crime genre needs now more than ever.

Each episode of FRAUD will examine a new category in itself—identity theft, healthcare, social security and plenty more—diving into the cases that shocked the world and stumped police for many, many years. With cinematic recreations and first hand accounts, each case proves the stakes are getting higher and the stories are getting closer to home. Viewers will finally learn how criminals are 15 steps ahead and the pain they can cause isn’t just physical anymore.

Timing the series’ release or marketing with the premiere of shows like HBO’s “The Wizard of Lies” about Bernie Madoff, Showtime’s “The Darknet,” or USA’s “Mr. Robot,” viewers will certainly be hungry for more elaborate and current crime shows. FRAUD will draw an audience ranging from teenagers with social media accounts to those collecting social security checks, desperate to see how crime has evolved, and how close to us criminals actually are.

FRAUD will start with Australia’s intensive hunt for the identity of a skull found in Belanglo State Forest, and how a suitcase on the side of the road five years later broke the case wide open. By the time police discovered the bones belonged to more than one victim, how the killers fooled numerous banks, and why a family thought they were communicating with their daughter all along, a solution was too late (Click here to watch the Mini Pilot to see more about this case).

Organized crime rings using empty apartment complexes, 10+ people, 100+ stolen social security numbers, and 50+ fake businesses to cash $1,000,000+ in unemployment benefits, the story of how Miss Teen America discovered she was being watched in her bedroom for over a year, and “The Cancer Doctor” who became America’s “worst case of healthcare fraud in the history of the country” will be among the many cases FRAUD will unveil next; all stories of how someone ultimately took advantage of the system, and how everyday people are paying the price for it (Click here to watch the Miss Teen America FRAUD-RAT trailer).

Right now, be the first to get ahead of the pack by entering the next realm of criminal investigations with me. HBO currently proves intricate murder mysteries are keeping people awake on Sunday night and investigating until the following weekend. And now, Netflix shows us that true crime docu-series’ like “Captive” can be as cinematic as a David Fincher thriller. Plus, audiences demand more after-show programs, and FRAUD supplies more spinoff material than any current or previous show ever did with multiple seasons of lessons and cases.

Viewers are desperate to know where today’s crimes are really happening and what today’s criminals are truly capable of. They’re ready to see an entirely new level of complexity, motivation, and execution unlike ever before. Nowadays, the world is filled with more crimes which can’t be seen and more people who can’t be trusted—not your doctor, your significant other, or an employee—but FRAUD will show you why and how before you become their next victim.

Click here to go behind the scenes to see shot references, links to cases, ideas for music and plenty more.

Alex Brady
Director, Editor & Television Writer

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FRAUD is currently being pitched by Alex Brady to networks and streaming platforms for development.

WAMBAM STUDIOS and ALEX BRADY present FRAUD, a true crime docu-series exposing criminals who have taken advantage of the system and how everyday people are paying the price for it. It’s time to wake up and realize criminals are 15 steps ahead and the pain they can cause isn’t just physical anymore. Watch the trailer now.